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Wow!  Has it really been since August 30 when I last posted?  Well, I guess you can bet what the title of my post means today.

Commitments and keeping your word.  Um, yeah,  obviously, I’m not real good with either one, especially to myself.  Lets see, when I last wrote, I was full of all kinds of promises.  I’m going to start this blog and record all my thoughts and feelings, I was going to take pictures and post about my accomplishments in the kitchen, I was going to lose weight.  Yeah, that last one was the big one.  I was ready to start my diet and really stick to it.

So what makes one person keep their word and another not to?  I did a little research online and an article from “Psychology Today” says this (it’s kind of geared toward addicts, but I think it could work in any situation really).  Here are the 10 things they think may lead to going back on your word:

1.  Failure to development new support system, failure to develop new and healthy relationships.  I think a lot of new blogs probably don’t make it, because lets face it, no one is really reading your blog when you start out.  It’s hard to be excited about something when no one is interested in what you’re doing.  I really admire bloggers out there that started with nothing and just kept with it until you found their voice and their audience.

2.  Lack of accountability.  If no one is counting on you then why would you need to put yourself out there?

3.  Maintaining a relationship with another like minded individual.  The first two rules or excuses apply here.

4.  Trading addictions.  Example; trading drinking for eating and so on.  Maybe this one doesn’t apply too much to blogging, however, it can become another form of addiction.  Look at Twitter.  How many people out there feel the need to post every little thought in their head at any given time of the day.  Personally, I don’t have time to share my every thought throughout the day.  Besides, it is really all that interesting?  Probably not.  lol

5.  Lack of self care or physical activity.

6.  Thrill seeking activity to replace the “high”  Trying to mood alter.  When I started this, I was trying to mood alter.  I was hoping to banish some of my own demons and use this blog as a sort of cathartic piece.  It may still develop into that, we shall have to see . . .

7.  Dishonesty in any area of life.  Yeah, kind of hard to keep up the lie, I guess.  This would definitely apply to other areas of life, not necessarily blogging.  However, I’m sure someone clever could make that work.

8.  Failure to have a relapse plan when faced with a strong desire to repeat your bad habit.  This is a biggie!  This can apply to every. single. area. of life.  We all need relapse plans, we all need a Plan B.   Sure as shit, Plan A rarely works as anticipated.  I need to work on this one immediately!!!

9.  Self-deception.  Lying to yourself and saying, “Just this one time”.  We all know how that sort of self talk snowballs.

10.  Failure to develop meaningful life goals.  Huge piece of advice.  Goals are what get us up each morning.  However, we need to have that support system in place to help us through the hard times.

This article was written by a Dr. Mark Goulston.  Obviously, he was writing this in specific regard to addicts, but you can see that is crosses over to other applications as well.  And I’ve added my own opinions in how they relate to me after each point.  You know what they say, opinions are like assholes, everybody has one!  lol  Take my opinions for what their worth to you.


So here I sit again with a promise (mostly to myself since I have no followers and still haven’t really found my voice and direction on what I want this blog to really be).  So, as of today, I’m committing myself to weight loss, (GOD, I really need to lose weight!!!) and keeping up on this blog and giving myself the chance to see what this can be.  Who knows, it may turn into something very fulfilling to me.  Many others have done it, I can too!





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